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Oak & Hardwood Interior Glass Doors


From modern flats to period houses our range of Oak and Meranti Hardwood doors will enhance the look of any room. With a choice of seven Oak and seven Hardwood doors, all available in a variety of sizes, selecting your door is straightforward. Doors come unfinished, giving you the choice of colour staining, lacquer or varnish for DIY coating.


All doors have a quality feel and look to them and the oak range has the added feature of raised mouldings which adds to the character of the door.


With our 40 years experience in glass and doors production, we are market leaders at providing a variety of designs applied to glass. The designs illustrated in our website are the most popular and can be created in Crystal Cut Lines, Gold or Silver Lead & Film. Please bear in mind additional designs and processes are available on request and bespoke designs, maybe your own, can be produced onto the glass. We are the industry specialists in design and decoration on glazed doors and all processes are done in-house, at our family owned and run factory. All material for the doors originates from sustainable forests.


Visit our showroom at 30 Tobago Street, Glasgow, G40 2RH. Open 7 days a week, you can pop in to see the large range of doors on display.


Alternatively, if you require more information on our interior doors collection, contact us on:

Tel: 0141 554 0011

Fax: 0141 554 0088



Measuring Guide


If ordering more than one door please take the time to measure all your doors as very often all the doors in the same house are different sizes. We are not able to swap doors measured incorrectly so please double check your measurements.

Width: - Measure each door between the frames in three places top, middle and bottom.

Thickness: - Now you should measure your door thickness. Most commonly it will be either 35mm or 40mm thick. Sometimes you may have to compromise and fit a slightly thinner door which is normally is not a problem.

Height: - Measure each door from your finished floor i.e. your carpet or floor covering to the underside of the top lintol.

From your largest width and largest height deduct approximately 6mm (¼”) for clearance. This is the size of the door you require. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match exactly with the door sizes we have for sale as most doors require to be cut to suit the opening. When choosing a door to suit your size, you must remember we recommend you cut no more than 19mm from the top and bottom edges, and no more than 12mm for each side (i.e. 38mm in the height and 24mm in the width). It is your responsibility to make sure you do not affect the stability or appearance of the door by cutting off more than this.

Finally, as an old Joiner used to tell me “advice costs nothing”

So please call 0141 554 0011 and we will happily advise you on anything you are unsure of.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long have you been selling doors?
A We have been selling doors since 1990.

Q Why are your doors so cheap? Are they inferior quality?
A No, quite the opposite! We import all our doors (which are grade A quality) from the Far East and then fit the glass in our factory. So when you buy from us there is no middle man.

Q Are your doors solid or hollow?
A All our doors are solid.

Q What does engineered mean?
A Engineered is now the preferred method of constructing doors. The stiles and rails are constructed using strips/blocks of timber which are glued together. This is then faced with real wood veneer to give the appearance of one solid piece. This method has two main advantages, the first being the door is less likely to twist, the second being a better colour match to the stiles and rails.

Q Are doors available in different sizes?
A Yes there are a number of sizes we have for sale.

Q Can a door be cut down in size?
A Yes they can be cut, we recommend you take off no more than 19mm of the top and bottom and no more than 12mm off of each side.

Q Which timbers are your doors available in?
A Our doors are available in both oak and red hardwood (Meranti) more commonly known as Mahogany.

Q Is the glass in your doors safe?
A Yes. All our glazing conforms to EN12150 1(c)1 certification.

Q Do I have to finish my door, or can I leave it in the unfinished condition?
A You MUST finish your door to keep moisture content between 10%-14%. Failure to do so will result in loss of moisture or moisture ingress which can cause the door to swell, shrink or split.

Q When should I finish my door?
A You must finish your door once you have cut your door to size and made all your cut outs for hinges and latches etc. Remember to apply your chosen finish inside and to cut outs on all four edges.

Q Can I use water based products to finish my door?
A NO. Under NO circumstances should you use water based products as this can cause the veneer to lift. If in doubt, contact your nearest decorator centre or call us for advise on 0141 554 0011.

Q Do you have a showroom I can visit?
A Yes, we have a large showroom which is open 7 days a week where you can view over 100 various doors with many different glass options at:
30 Tobago Street, Glasgow G40 2RH Telephone: 0141 554 0011.

Q Are your doors only available with clear glass and are there more designs on the glass available?
A We have a vast range of different glass options available from sandblasted to smoked glass and everything in between. As for designs, we have a huge selection and can even create a design to match something you may already have or something you have designed yourself.

Finally, as an old Joiner used to tell me "advice costs nothing"

So please call 0141 554 0011 and we will happily advise you on anything you are unsure of.

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