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Modern Bathroom Decor: The Popularity of Frameless Glass Doors


It is not uncommon for homeowners these days to lean away from traditional decor and move toward modern designs when freshening up their living spaces. This holds true in every room of the house including adding modern touches to the bathroom. Because modern trends are growing rapidly, frameless glass doors have become in greater demand due to their increase in popularity.


Homeowners' seeking an ultra-contemporary look love adding a frameless glass door to their renovation and redecorating plans. Not only do frameless glass doors provide a minimalist element to the bathroom's design scheme, but the modern lines change up the room in way traditional doors could not accomplish. In many cases when a frameless glass door is added to a bathroom, what looked like a typical boring bathroom is transformed into a spa-like retreat. With the right bathroom fixtures, amenities, and color scheme this bathroom space soon becomes a welcomed sanctuary for homeowners to unwind. Such amenities include sunken tubs with jets, rainfall showers, and cool color palettes.


One difference between a traditionally framed door and a frameless glass door is that the glass door allows the bathroom to feel more spacious and open. These doors are perfect for homeowners who have smaller bathrooms. This is especially true for homeowners working with a small budget, but is looking to make their living spaces appear as large as possible.


There is a plethora of choices available for finishes on a frameless glass door. For example, homeowners can choose from patterned glass, clear glass, frosted glass, and so on. Choices are determined based upon how much privacy the homeowner desires, how many other patterns are already incorporated into the bathroom's existing design, and how the style of the door matches with the rest of the home.


One of the many reasons why homeowners are leaning toward the use of frameless glass doors in their bathroom decor is how easy they are to maintain and keep clean. The typical construction of a door consists of wood or steel and, under regular day to day living circumstances, mold and mildew can grow between the frame and the glass. This issue is difficult to prevent, clean, and eliminate completely. With repeat use and cleaning, these framed doors do not last as long as frameless glass doors. By comparison, frameless glass doors only need to be cleaned with a mild product and they will last for numerous years.


Not only are frameless glass doors easier to use, but they are also safer. Homeowners no longer have to worry about tripping over frames, and stepping into the shower is also easier. Another safety feature is, because they are constructed of a heavy safety glass, they will not shatter like a traditional glass door. The tempered glass is tested by the manufacturer to ensure it withstands heavy impacts. Therefore, in addition to being sleek and stylish, frameless glass doors are also easy and safe for homeowners to use. For those interested in frameless glass doors, please visit

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